sexyLoot sLoots (For Pleasure)

sLoots are on-chain #harlots and #strumpets, for the pleasure of Adventurers and Degens. 

Free to mint for Loot or Bloot holders. 💖

💃 0.0069 for Public Mint.

Until the mint button lands here...

You'll need to mint from contract via the Etherscan link above, or buy on secondary from Opensea.
To mint, hit the free claim for Loot or Bloot owners, and only pay gas. Or, public claim entering 0.0069.

Example bags: what to expect from your sLoot. 

All data is fully on-chain and randomised at time of mint. Stats, images, and other functionality are intentionally omitted for others to interpret.

Roadmap and Plans:

Holders of tokens ending in digits of #69:

A nice little airdrop to all the 69 HODLers ;)
When we hit the first 10 people with XX69 tokens (69, 169, 269 etc) we'll drop surprise 1.
Then at 1069, 1169 etc (the 1000s) drop 2.
2069, 2169 etc, (the 2000s) drop 3, and so on.

At 50% minted:

Airdrop edition of 100, distributed randomly to sLoot holders.

69% minted:

0.69eth giveaway to random sLoot holder

At token 6969:

0.69eth gifted to owner of sLoot #6969.


For everyone else: Merch released. sLoot hoodies, caps, patches & tees.

- Gifted free to random sLoots
- Open to buy for any sLoot

100% minted:

sLoot avatar airdrop for all sLoots, to match each token's items.

And while all this happens we'll also be working on:
• Discord set-up
• An API for stats, so sLoots can be queried by any app for any purpose.
• Values (stats) assigned to items.
• Other special value-adds!